Thursday, March 3, 2016

Top 10 Reasons Why Artists Fail with Social Media

Interesting article, you would think that in general artists would thrive in an online community. There seems to be a train of though around dominance of someone elses wall or trying to convert them to a religion. Perhaps its better to shut your laptop. Social media isn't real life, people sometimes lose their inhibitions and will try to interact with you on a different level then they would face to face, unfortunately.

The point of diminishing returns - part I

The point of diminishing returns - part I

Friday, February 19, 2016

Bones and BJJ

This article was written by Andy Raynor in Dover NH as part of an ongoing blog on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Reinforce Your Bones 

Each grappler needs solid and sound bones because of the burdens that it puts upon the body. Vitamin D assumes a critical part in promoting so as to keep up solid bones calcium retention from our eating regimen and encouraging sound bone development and turnover.

A more extreme absence of Vitamin D can bring about major issues identifying with bone wellbeing, for example, osteomalacia. In osteomalacia the bones get to be debilitated because of lessened thickness and sufferers regularly encounter bone torment. It can likewise build the danger of bone crack and cause disfigurements of the bones.

Expand Testosterone Production and Athletic Performance 

Vitamin D has been utilized to enhance athletic execution for a considerable length of time. It has for quite some time been acknowledged that competitors perform better in the late spring months. A study on Russian sprinters in the 1930s demonstrated that 100 meter sprint times enhanced in competitors that were presented to bright radiation. Another study in the 1960s showed a change in rate, quality and continuance in ladies treated with a solitary dosage of bright radiation.

A few late studies have demonstrated that men with great Vitamin D levels likewise have a tendency to have fundamentally higher testosterone levels. It is not completely comprehended why Vitamin D causes an expansion in testosterone levels however it is realized that the are Vitamin D receptors in the testes, where testosterone is created, and examinations on mice have demonstrated that those without Vitamin D receptors experience the ill effects of low testosterone levels.

The Aging Grappler 

In the event that you, similar to me, are a more established grappler (I am 40 years old this year!), then you will probably profit by Vitamin D supplementation. As we age our body turns out to be less ready to create Vitamin D from UV light and a 70-year-old produces 4 times less vitamin D from daylight than a 20-year-old.

Vitamin D likewise assumes a vital part in counterbalancing a percentage of the impacts of maturing. Every strand of DNA in our bodies is topped by something many refer to as a telomere. Telomeres are similar to the top toward the end of a shoelace that shield the shoelace from fraying, however as opposed to securing the shoelace they shield DNA strands from harm. As we get more seasoned our telomeres abbreviate and telomere length is thought to be a superb natural marker of age. Considers have demonstrated that telomere length is longer in individuals taking Vitamin D supplements. Generally this implies individuals with higher Vitamin D levels are organically more youthful than their vitamin D lacking partners.

The lesson of the story is that on the off chance that you need to still be hooking in your 50s, 60s or even 70s, then it is most likely a smart thought to ensure you are getting a lot of Vitamin D!

Other Health Benefits 

Vitamin D inadequacy is additionally connected with a wide assortment of sicknesses including various diverse sorts of tumor, safe framework brokenness, dejection and dementia. There is still much research expected to investigate these affiliations further, yet it is clear that Vitamin D assumes a crucial part in staying sound.

Getting Enough Vitamin D 

There are various reasons why individuals have a tendency to be low in Vitamin D levels. A great many people, astutely, screen their introduction to daylight and wear sun piece to lessen the danger of skin tumor. Sadly this action keeps the creation of Vitamin D in the skin. Individuals with darker skin pigmentation are additionally less ready to make Vitamin D.

The further north that you reside the more probable that you are to be Vitamin D insufficient. The 37th parallel north is adequately the last point where the skin can create a significant measure of Vitamin D from daylight, so on the off chance that you are not taking any vitamin D supplementation and you live further north than this you might well be Vitamin D insufficient. The 37th parallel isn't as far north as you would think, it goes through Santa Cruz in California!

Being overweight can likewise adversely affect your Vitamin D levels. It is a fat-solvent vitamin and accordingly is put away in muscle to fat quotients. In the event that you have a vast amount of muscle to fat ratio ratios then this implies more Vitamin D will be put away there and less will be circling in your circulation system. In actuality less Vitamin D will be accessible to your cells.

The best dietary wellspring of Vitamin D is most likely slick fish, for example, salmon, fish and mackerel. Vitamin D is likewise present in specific mushrooms and in some invigorated oats and milk. It can be hard to acquire enough Vitamin D, regardless of the possibility that you eat a great deal of these nourishments and the most effortless approach to guarantee that you are taking so as to get enough is a Vitamin D supplement.

What's the Right Dose? 

The most ideal approach to check in the event that you are inadequate in Vitamin D is to converse with your specialist about organizing a blood test. I would especially suggest this on the off chance that you are encountering unexplained tiredness, weakness or any of alternate side effects I have examined.

A dosage of 4,000 IUs every day of Vitamin D3 is typically satisfactory to take Vitamin D levels back to ordinary in grown-ups that are insufficient. After that an upkeep measurements of 1000 to 2000 IUs every day is for the most part fitting. Your specialist will have the capacity to guide you on the off chance that you are observed to be inadequate, as I seemed to be. The ideal levels appear to be somewhere around 40 and 60 ng/ml and individuals with these levels have all the earmarks of being for the most part more advantageous, have better vitality levels and live more.

The main issue: in the event that you are a grappler, you ought to be genuinely considering either taking a Vitamin D3 supplement, or getting your levels checked.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sweep from side control

I have a heck of a time with side control I thought this instruction might be of some assistance.

Learning Business from Jiu Jitsu

People Don't Like to Be Uncomfortable

Unfortunately business like Jiu Jitsu can occasionally be uncomfortable, and both disciplines could stand to learn a thing or two from each other.  Its not as if Jack from accounting will choke you out at the water cooler, nor will you be able to talk your way out of a darce choke while rolling on the mats. However, growing accustomed to that feeling of being uncomfortable means that you are learning.

I cannot profess to understand Jiu Jitsu at a high level, at the time of writing this article I am only a three stripe white belt, however I do see the parallels in business life.  Living and working in Dover New Hampshire I have many, much larger and more skilled competitors and in dealing with them I need to understand my leverage.


Ultimately when someone talks about leverage, they are talking about using minimum effort for maximum effect. In a martial arts sense, generally we are talking about ways of controlling someone whereby a smaller person can do so to a bigger guy with minimum effort.

Leverage is about using levers. Medically, there are many levers in the body. But in a BJJ context, we are mainly talking about the levers on the skeleton. The primary lever is the spine, from the top of your head to the tailbone, and the 2 major levers the shoulders and the hips. The purpose of the shoulders and the hips are to control the spine.

This concept carries through to the minor levers too. So for example, the tarsals control the tibia & fibula, which controls the femur, which in turn controls the hips, which ultimately controls the spine.
Similarly, the carpels control the ulna & radius, which controls the humerous, which controls the shoulder, which again ultimately controls the spine.

More specifically for BJJ, we use leverage to bring an opponent to the ground and to control him/her there. That is the emphasis of our game.

In a business context this applies as well, as a smaller more nimble firm you may be able to outpace a larger opponent, or create pressure in an area of the market which they did not anticipate and cannot respond to quickly.


That last snippet leads to a final thought about battle, its about small movements, especially when your opponent is a large lumbering beast.  You aren’t going to out muscle them.  Its all about gaining territory in warfare.  

Take you time and move efficiently if you can both in business and on the mats!

Now – if I could just learn that lesson myself.